GST No. 32AAHFN6857H1Z2




RS 1325.39
RS 1988.08
RS 3534.37
Product Description

This oil is the strongest natural aphrodisiac/pheromone and exciting acts on the hormonal system through the sense of smell. Has a very unusual alluring, spicy flavor and is used for making the most expensive high-quality perfumes and aromatic oils .

Black Indian Oud Oil is highly valued in perfumery. Occasionally it is also used as a flavoring in traditional medicine and homeopathy. Currently, almost all collected natural agarwood perfume is bought for manufacturing firms of expensive perfume . In perfumery , there are: black , gold , white, gray , royal Oud Oil.

Additional Information

In ancient times it was used in medicine oil . However, there are currently no published data on the use of Oud in academic medicine is not. Only physicians homeopaths for over 200 years successfully used homeopathic medicine on the basis of oil in practice to treat a variety of painful illnesses.

It has a coppery, dark Oud color. Black Oud Oil does not contain alcohol and is prepared according to old recipes which remain secret. Oud oil should be applied to the skin, hair and face. Black Oud is the strongest natural female pheromone. Black Oud is used in the creation of the most expensive women’s perfumes and oils. Black Oud has a stimulating effect on nearby men.

Indian Agarwood Oud is the strongest natural pheromone and has a stimulating effect on the hormonal system of men/women through the sense of smell. It has a very unusual sweet, animal aroma and is used in the preparation of the most expensive women’s fragrances and essential oils.Indian Oud is a highly prized in the perfume industry.


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