GST No. 32AAHFN6857H1Z2




50 ML
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RS 310
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RS 1770
Product Description

Guggal resinoid is a yellowish brown liquid used as a rejuvenating ingredient and a fixative for perfumes. This sweet smell liquid has great medicinal values i.e. used for lowering the cholesterol level, helps in curing cancer, diabetes, treatment of tumors, ulcers, etc.

Additional Information

Air purifier
Reduces pain
Have calming effect
Relieve liver congestion
In the treatment of arthritis
Improve thyroid functionality
Prevent heart-attacks
Effective in curing skin disorders
Resolve cardiovascular issue
Induce abortion, etc.

Botanical Name: Commiphora Mukul
Extraction Method: Tapping of plant’s bark
Constituents: Commiphoric acids, phenolic resin, resin acids, etc.


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