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Product Description

The white oudh attar is one of the most expensive attars as it takes 70 kg of oudh wood to extract 30 ml of its quantity. This traditional attar has acquired wide demands due to its sweet and woody fragrance that endorse relaxation and tranquility. Its relaxant property helps to enhance the effect of meditation for bringing enlightenment. The overall balancing and warming qualities makes it wonderful for rejuvenating mind and body.

Additional Information

Perfume Processing- The mild woody fragrance of white oudh attar makes it one of the prime choices of perfume processing industry. It is mostly used as the basic ingredient of various topnotch quality and expensive perfumes. Apart from this, it is also used while processing cosmetics.

Mental Relaxation: White oudh attar is well-known for its amazing therapeutic properties that helps to relieve various types of mental complexities such as stress, anxiety and depression. Owing to its calming aroma, it is also widely appreciated by aroma therapists to treat different kinds of mental and physical conditions like metal exhaustion, migraine, tensed nerves and many others. This attar is highly praised to soothe and revitalize body and mind.

Meditation Therapy: This amazing attar also finds broad demand in meditation purposes. It’s gratifying and calming aroma is perfect to wipe out negative thoughts form your mind for ease in mediation. It is more likely to provide the effect of delusion to relax body and mind.

Origin : Historical evidences have shown that it was originated in south Asia around India, China and Thailand.
Method of Extraction & Part of Plant Used : Trunk and roots of white oudh tree is used to obtain the purest quality attar through Hydro-Distillation extraction process.
Properties : Watery viscosity and clear in color
Aroma : The aroma of this attar is sweet, pleasant and woody
Integrants : This attar consists of Agarol, Agarospiral, α-agarofuran and β-agarofuran, Eudesmol, Jinkohol-eremol, Guaiol, Selinene and 2-(2-phenylethyl) chromone


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