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Musk / Ambers

3ml X 12 pcs
Rs. 2750
Rs. 900
Product Description

100% Authentic (Wild Kashmiri Kasturi) Intense Pheromones, High-Quality Real Deer Musk Nafa Attar Oil - 3ml, 6ml, 12ml!

Rom the world renowned masters of perfume - Abdul Samad al Qurashi.

A gorgeous, naturally musky attar that oozes opulence and sophistication from Kashmir and perfected in attar for by ASAQ. Not so powerful that will turn people away from you, but instead, a unique Kashmiri Deer Musk.

Ideal for special occasions or when you want to smell like a king!

Additional Information


The actual Deer Musk Kasturi oil we have it comes from a solid Wild Kashmiri Natural Deer Musk pod/grains in the Deer male gland (naaf), by grinding it and mixing it with a high quality carrier oil, usually a mix of Mysore Sandalwood and light Patchouli Oil, with 70% to 80% musk and 20% to 30% high quality carrier oil. This oil we have is made in the very old school traditional way, which is 70-80% Deer Musk/Kasturi, 10-20% Patchouli Oil and 10-20% authentic Mysore Sandalwood.

AUTHENTIC KASHMIRI DEER MUSK OIL has a very Strong Highly Fragrant Animalic Scent, which gradually settles down and gives out an extreme Sensational Aroma. This Deer Musk Oil has just arrived as fresh stock so the longer you keep it, the stronger and maturer/sweeter the scent will get.


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