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Instant Dhoop Cone

Instant Dhoop Cone

Instant Dhoop Cone

Packing : 20 pcs
Rs. 93 per box
Product Description

We are manufacturing Instant Sambrani (Benzoin) Dhoop Sticks and is widely used in daily pooja, spiritual purification and religious ceremonies. This Benzoin dhoop stick is made from 100% Natural Charcoal Powder processed in a traditional way with natural herbs and Benzoin, is slow burning. The Benzoin Dhoop Sticks are available in Big (30gm) sizes. When lighted the fragrance will spread all over the premises and is long lasting. Soothing Fragrance will bring Divine Power & Create Positive Energy in around the premises.

We have various types of Instant Benzoin Dhoop sticks. Our premium quality incense fills environment with rich aroma creating a divine atmosphere, very much suits to Yoga, Meditation, Prayer and other activities related with pooja & devotional. Instant Dhoop sticks play a vital role in the prayers of human race across the world irrespective of religion or culture. Incense sticks enable us to feel the divine presence around/within us with harmony & love. These Instant Dhoop Sticks are widely used in religious ceremonies, spiritual purification, aromatherapy, masking bad odor etc Keeping this mind we use best quality aromatic ingredients, best labour practices in the industry & latest standards for environmental protection.

Our Instant Dhoop sticks are highly regarded for its quality & long lasting fragrance. These sticks are available in various fragrance and aromas. These are in high demand among our global clients and are Eco-friendly with lesser smoke release. Besides, the soothing fragrance and long lasting effect leaves the mind and body calm.

Additional Information

Made with Cow Dung and herbal ingredients mixed with sandal oil to give more pleasing and divine presence during prayers , pooja, rituaos, yoga, meditation etc. The aroma is very blissful and is very effective , less smoke and no suffocation.

Features :
Made with Pure Charcoal & Natural Aromatic Ingredients
Available in – Benzoin
Long Lasting Fragrance
No Preservative or chemicals
Ideal for Prayer, Meditation, Yoga & Pooja
Masking Bad Odor & Boost Positive Energy

Details :
Packing - 12 pieces in a pack (Big size)
Types - Cup Sampirani, Pal Sampirani, Instant sticks


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