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Product Description

ROSE Musk Attar is derived from the flowers of amber musk plant. Musk is an annual or biennial plant of the hibiscus family.

Additional Information

It grows up to the height of 0.6–1.8 meters (2–6 feet) tall and has large yellow flowers with red centre. This plant is mainly cultivated for its seeds

Botanical Name : Rosa moschata
Origin : This oil is originated from India
Method of Extraction & Part of Plant Used : Common method is used for the extraction of this oil i.e. steam distillation process.
Properties : This oil is off-white in color.
Aroma : The aroma of this oil is of attractive floral and musk scent
Integrants : The chemical composition of musk rose oil is about 80% essential fatty acid and out of which, 36 % are alpha linoleic and 44% are linoleic acids.
Therapeutic Properties : Some of the main therapeutic properties of it includes anti aging, antiseptic, and anti spasmodic. It improves the quality and texture of the skin by enhancing the elasticity of skin.
Blends Well With : Generally, musk rose oil blends well with sandalwood oil and other carrier oils.


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