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White Ambergris Grade 1

White Ambergris Grade 1

50 ML / 1.691 Oz
100 ML / 3.381 Oz
300 ML / 10.144 Oz
500 ML / 16.907 Oz
1000 ML / 33.814 Oz
Product Description

Ambergris is developed in the hindgut of the sperm whale and is generally associated with the beaks of the principal food of whale. It is aromatic, marbled, grayish, waxy, pellucid substance and when warmed it produces a pleasant, mild, sweet and earthy aroma. It is known to the Arabs as ‘anbar’ and originally called amber in the West.

Additional Information

This is used in the West as a fixative for rare perfumes as it has the effect of making other fragrances last much longer than they would otherwise. Thus, it finds usage in several perfumery and cosmetics products. It is also used as an aphrodisiac and as a spice for food and wine.

Botonical Name : Physeter macrocephalus L
CAS # : 977023-08-7
Country of Origin : Asia
Color & Odor : grey or blackish colour
Solubility : soluble in ether, and in volatile and fixed oils
Specific Gravity : 0.780-0.826
Optical Rotation : -1.6
Refractive Index : 1.5765 to 1.5925
Flash Point : N/A
Extraction Method : Steam Distillation


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