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Oudh Attar Aasam India

Oudh Attar Aasam India

Product Description

This traditional perfume oil comprises the major constituents of pure sandalwood oil and pimpinella anisum flower of essential oil. The pimpinella anisum is also known by the name of aniseed which belongs to the Apiaceae family. This herbaceous plant have tendency to grow up to the height of 1m or more. This wonderful attar is world famous for its pleasing aroma and amazing cooling properties which is beneficial in treating skin related problems.

Additional Information

Beauty care products- This attar is enriched with the cooling properties which is beneficial in treating the various skin aliments such as bruises, boils, rashes, scars and many more. It is used in the production of variety of beauty products, ointments, medicated skin creams and lotions. Perfume- Like other, this attar is also used as a prime ingredient in the manufacturing of alluring and exotic perfumes. It is also used in making of perfumery products like incense sticks, scented candles, room freshener etc. Massage therapy- Due to its cooling properties it is capable in providing the soothing and calming effects to your mind and body. It effectively works in eliminating your stress, mental nervousness and other problem that’s why it is widely used in the aromatherapy massages.


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